ESN is an interdisciplinary student association in Europe which was founded in 1990. ESN is represented in 37 countries with over 460 different sections. The Netherlands is home to 14 different sections with ESN Inholland Rotterdam being one of them.

ESN Inholland Rotterdam is a service organization which works closely with the Inholland University of Applied Sciences to greatly enhance the studying abroad experience for international and exchange students. As a non-profit organization, ESN Inholland Rotterdam aims to connect international and exchange students and to stimulate integration between natives and international students by organizing many cultural and social events.

As board of ESN Inholland Rotterdam we want to welcome you to the most dynamic, booming city of the Netherlands. We want to create your stay over here as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our personal experience abroad will help us to reach this goal. All board members have studied abroad themselves. This is a big advantage in helping you out, we know what it is to be in a strange environment where you don’t know anyone, don’t know the culture and don’t know the language. Depending on your personal interest you can join our activities. Theme parties, city trips, movie nights, sport activities etc. are offered to you!

Board Fall semester 2018/2019:
President: Mayke van den Berghe​
Secretary: Angelo Bekkens
Treasurer: Annamarie van Dienst
Marketing  & PR Coordinator: Davy Smolenaars